Hydropillar® Elevated Tanks

The Hydropillar® elevated tank is an ideal choice for customers who require a large, all-steel structure, strong support pillar, an attractive appearance and a multipurpose interior space. 

CB&I Storage Solutions’ renowned history and experience in providing turnkey design, engineering and construction services is unmatched in the water industry. We built our first elevated water storage tank in 1894 and have completed more than 25,000 elevated tanks. We built the original Hydropillar in 1962 and today our experience includes more than 1,000 of these tanks, including the largest-capacity Hydropillar elevated tanks ever built. 

Sturdy Construction and Flexible Design

Hydropillar elevated tanks are all steel, welded structures that feature a vertical fluted support column. The fluted column provides resistance to seismic events, stability in low load-bearing soil and unobstructed access for exterior inspection and maintenance. Properly maintained and operated, a Hydropillar will provide many years of dependable service. 

Our Hydropillar style appeals to customers because of its flexible design. We can configure the space inside the column to serve as an office, meeting room, pump or fire station, equipment storage area or reserve the space for future expansion. The pillar has space for multiple floors with exterior windows. 

Storage capacities range from 500,000 gallons to more than 4,000,000 gallons. Our standard Hydropillar elevated tank design provides a 40-foot head that minimizes pumping costs and variations in water pressure to save our customers money and provide worry-free service. We design all of our elevated tanks with internal access ladders and solid, flush threshold steel doors for added safety and security.

Other options include decorative graphics and logos, cathodic and lightning protection, overhead doors, double personnel doors, stainless steel risers and overflows, tank drains, FAA lighting, intermediate platforms, instrumentation and telemetry.

Providing a Turnkey Approach

Unlike our competitors, we have the ability to self-perform all facets of a water storage project from foundation and tank design through fabrication, construction and painting. This comprehensive turnkey approach helps us minimize cost, adhere to project schedules, control quality and alleviate the customer’s risk.

Specification, Drawings and Brochure for Hydropillar Elevated Water Storage Tanks:

(U.S. gallons)

Tank Diameter
(feet - inches)
Head Range
(feet - inches)
Pedestal Diameter
(feet - inches)
Standard Hydropillar Tank Dimensions
500,000 49.5'-5" 38'-0" 30'-0"
750,000 64'-0" 40'-0" 42'-0"
1,000,000 74'-0" 40'-0" 52'-0"
1,250,000 80'-0" 40'-0" 52'-0"
1,500,000 86'-0" 40'-0" 60'-0"
2,000,000 100'-0" 40'-0" 66'-0"
2,500,000 108'-0" 44'-0" 78'-0"
3,000,000 120'-0" 42'-0" 90'-0"
3,500,000 125'-0" 45'-0" 90'-0"
4,000,000 135'-0" 45'-0" 90'-0"
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