E-Drive Solutions

We have a proven record of utilizing e-drive energy sources in LNG facilities to reduce emissions and recently executed the largest operating e-drive in the world. 

An e-drive LNG facility uses large electric motors to drive the refrigerant compressors instead of gas turbines and consequently eliminates the GHG emissions associated with them. E-drive LNG facilities offer an opportunity to generate power from a number of sources, which can either reduce or eliminate GHG emissions. These sources include:

  • Natural gas-fired combined cycle power plant
  • Natural gas-fired combined cycle power plant with post combustion capture and sequestration
  • Pre-combustion power plant with carbon capture and sequestration
  • Imported power generated from renewables through a power purchase agreement

Utilizing e-drive solutions can provide substantial cost savings and reduce GHG emissions by 80 to 95 percent if the electric power is provided from renewable sources or through NET Power.

Contact us to explore incorporating McDermott’s industry leading e-Drive solutions.  

e-Drive LNG Projects

Freeport LNG


World largest Electric Power-Driven LNG Facility of its Kind

  • 3 train, 15mtpa e-drive LNG train configuration
  • Fully electric, e-Drive LNG facility 
  • Gas Turbines eliminated
  • Largest electric motor drives installed on an LNG facility
  • Each LNG train utilizes three 75MW electric motors to drive the refrigerant compressors 

Location: Quintana Island, Texas
Completion: 2020

Woodfibre LNG

World’s lowest GHG emission baseload LNG facility

  • 1 x 2.1 Mtpa e-drive LNG train
  • Fully electric, e-Drive LNG facility powered by hydroelectricity
  • Gas Turbines eliminated
  • Over 90% GHG emissions reduction relative to a standard baseload facility
  • 47MW electric motors driving refrigerant compressors
Location: Squamish, British Columbia, Canada
Est. Completion: 2025 (McDermott's scope completion)
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