Sustainable Solutions




Creating and delivering sustainable solutions
Managing environmental and social impacts
Enabling our customers to deliver the world’s energy responsibly

As demand fluctuates, the energy industry works to meet consumption needs. McDermott combines innovation with more than a century of engineering and construction experience to deliver the building blocks of the energy transition. The result? Companies across the energy value chain can harness clean, engineered solutions that reposition their portfolio, support their sustainability targets and ultimately achieve the energy transition.

From concept to commissioning, our engineering, fabrication and construction capabilities extend across the upstream and downstream energy value chain, with both offshore and onshore EPFCI experience. At each phase of the project, we offer solutions fueled by the latest technology, digitalization and an innovative approach to deliver facilities for the future.

We understand the challenges our customers and communities face as they navigate the energy transition and strive to meet demand shifts while reducing emissions. Together, we will build a more sustainable future.

Our solutions are focused on three areas:

Low Carbon Delivery
  • Sustainable Engineering
  • Smart Modularization
  • Renewable or Hybrid Energy Integration
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Embedded Carbon Reduction
New Energies
  • Offshore Wind including HVDC and HVAC
  • Green and Blue Hydrogen Production, Liquefaction, and Storage
  • Carbon Capture, Utilization, & Storage
  • Net Power
  • Biofuels
  • ​Energy Storage (Liquids, Gases, CAES)
  • Net Power
Circular Economy
  • Waste to Chemicals
  • Petrochemical Innovation
  • Waste Management Studies
  • Lifecycle Impact Assessments
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