CB&I Specialty Plate Structures

Superior Specialty Structures

As experts in the design, fabrication and construction of plate and shell structures, CB&I can build virtually any field-constructed plate structure, practically anywhere in the world. Materials of construction include carbon steel, stainless steel, alloys, clad, aluminum and other metallic materials.

Expertise Across a Range of Applications

We offer specialty plate structure solutions that range from one-of-a-kind, custom structures to more common structures meeting specific requirements. With extensive experience in plate storage construction, there’s no contractor more qualified to design specialty structures beyond traditional codes and standards. We combine our expertise in low temperature and cryogenic systems, nuclear design know-how and high-pressure vessel design to develop storage solutions for almost any type of steel plate structure.

CB&I Specialty Plate Structures

Turning Ideas into Reality

CB&I combines proven capabilities and innovative thinking to turn concepts into reality. We build specialty products for a wide variety of markets and end uses, including:

Aerospace testing facilities

Flow conductors

  • Ducting
  • Large cavitation channel
  • Penstocks
  • Stacks and chimney liners
  • Wind tunnels

Heater Fabrication

  • Ethylene Cracker Heaters
  • Delayed Coking Heaters
  • Naphtha Cracker Heaters
  • Process Heaters
  • Steam Reformer Heaters

Metals and mining structures

  • Granular storage tanks
  • Radial cone bottom tanks
  • Settlers and precipitators
  • Thickeners
  • Washers


  • Containment vessels
  • Liners
  • Modules
  • Shield buildings

Scientific research

Thermal vacuum chambers

Wastewater process vessels and equipment

  • Anoxic Thermophillic Process (ATP) reactors
  • Draft tube mixing system and process control systems
  • Egg-shaped digesters
  • Gas holders
  • Sludge storage tanks
  • Patented jet pump mixing system

Water process vessels and equipment

  • ClariCones
  • Decelerating flow filters
  • Head tanks
  • Helicarbs


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