CB&I Water Storage

At the Forefront of Water Storage Dependability

CB&I is the global leader in the design and construction of ground-level and elevated water storage tanks.

We have extensive experience in all tank capacities and heights and use our in-house resources to perform all tank and foundation design, fabrication, construction and painting. This comprehensive approach minimizes costs, assures better quality control and reduces risk.

Innovative Pioneer

CB&I pioneered the transition from riveted tanks to welded steel tanks in the 1930s and developed the original Watersphere®, Waterspheroid® and Hydropillar® storage tanks. Today, our water storage products are available anywhere in the world and can be built on either a union or non-union labor basis. We offer single-pedestal and ground-level storage options to suit every need no matter the required capacity, site or location. All CB&I storage tanks are welded steel, not bolted, to deliver superior aesthetics, durability and longevity.

CB&I Water Storage

Setting the Standard for Effective Water Management

CB&I was instrumental in the development of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) standards, beginning with the first AWWA D100 standard in 1941, which applies to all-steel welded water storage tanks. We also supported the development of AWWA D107 standard for Composite Elevated Tanks, first edition released in 2010, and continue to be an active participant in AWWA code committees. 

Water Storage Solutions


Waterspheroids (Single Pedestal Elevated Water Storage)

Waterspheroids are available with storage capacities of 150,000 to 2,000,000 gallons. The sleek design has low capital maintenance costs and a small footprint that requires minimal land use.


Hydropillar (Fluted Column Elevated Water Storage)

The Hydropillar elevated tank is an ideal choice for customers who require a large, all-steel structure, strong support pillar, an attractive appearance and multipurpose interior space.

Composite Elevated Tanks

Composite Elevated Tanks

Composite elevated tanks use the leak-proof characteristics of welded steel and the compressive strength of a concrete support column for a long-lasting water storage tank with minimal maintenance.

Ground-Level Water Storage

Ground-Level Water Storage

Both reservoirs and standpipes provide ground-level water storage that can be built to virtually any capacity and dimension.

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