CB&I ClariCone® Clarifiers and CB&I FiltraCone™ Treatment Plants

McDermott is the original provider of the CB&I ClariCone® solids contact clarifier for potable water and wastewater treatment. McDermott's experience and knowledge is unparalleled, with well over 300 CB&I ClariCone clarifier installations on a variety of applications treating in excess of 700 million gallons per day. As the only supplier to provide complete engineering, fabrication, construction and commissioning on an in-house basis, McDermott has the resources to deliver each project successfully. 

We have been providing complete design-build services for the water industry for more than a century. We are one of the few EPC companies that have the integrated resources to perform nearly all aspects of a project—from front-end design through construction—ourselves. This single-source approach helps us control quality, manage costs and deliver superior results. In fact, a number of our ClariCone clarifier projects have garnered awards for engineering excellence from the American Consulting Engineer’s Council. 

The economics of good design

The CB&I ClariCone clarifier’s design makes it more economical to operate and maintain than other water treatment systems. Mixing, tapered flocculation and sedimentation all take place within a completely hydraulically driven vessel. They are constructed entirely without mixers, scrapers, recycle pumps or other continuously moving parts, eliminating the need for oil changes and gear overhauls. 

The CB&I ClariCone clarifier maintains a dense, suspended, rotating slurry blanket that provides excellent solids contact, accelerated floc formation and exceptional solids capture; thus reducing chemical usage and minimizing O&M costs. Plant personnel can visually monitor slurry discharge because of the conically shaped concentrator, which maximizes the slurry discharge concentration. 

Other benefits of the CB&I ClariCone clarifier include:

  • Space savings—the area beneath the CB&I ClariCone clarifier’s conical shell can accommodate other equipment; and the small diameter of the lower cylinder reduces founclardraw1a_v3.pngdation costs.
  • Stability—the large mass of retained slurry and unique helical flow pattern prevents short-circuiting and resists upsets.
  • Intermittent operation—following a shutdown, the CB&I ClariCone clarifier can restart in minutes, compared with hours or days for conventional units. 

We also offer our patented CB&I FiltraCone™ modular water treatment system. The CB&I FiltraCone system brings together the CB&I ClariCone clarifier with self-backwashing peripheral filters in a fully enclosed system, providing exceptional treated water quality with minimal maintenance, power use and cost. 

Our company is unsurpassed in water industry expertise. With a century of experience and thousands of water storage and treatment projects to our credit, we have a record of proven results and in-depth knowledge.

What We Do
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