Today’s refining industry processes crude oils into transportation fuels, lubricants and other products, all while dealing with increasingly stringent environmental regulations. Our portfolio of refining technologies provides the most complete bottom-of-the-barrel upgrading solutions for our customers, including hydroprocessing, reformulated fuels and high octane blending components. 

Our unique catalytic distillation processes combine reaction and fractionation in a single unit operation. These processes are applied in selective hydrogenation, hydrodesulfurization, alkylation and etherification. Current offerings from Chevron Lummus Global, our joint venture with Chevron, include hydrocracking, residuum hydrotreating, residuum hydrocracking and lubricants.

Alkylate Production

The Lummus Technology CDAlky® gasoline alkylation technology is an advanced sulfuric acid alkylation process that operates at significantly lower temperatures than conventional technology. The Lummus Technology AlkyClean® gasoline alkylation technology employs a true solid alkylation catalyst. 

CATOFIN® Propane/Butane Dehydrogenation

The CATOFIN® technology is a unique process for the production of olefins, such as propylene (from propane) and iso-butylene (from iso-butane).
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