Complementary Technologies (Butadiene/Butylene Production)

The following licensed technologies can bring added value by supplementing or upgrading by-products from the primary butadiene/butylene production processes:

Alkylation – CDAlky® / CDAlkyPlus® / AlkyClean®

Alkylate is an excellent, high-octane blending component for motor gasoline, and is well-accepted in the marketplace. Alkylate is made by reacting light olefins, such as butylenes, from typical refinery sources; fluid catalytic cracking units, or from steam cracking units, with isoparaffins, such as isobutane, in the presence of an acidic catalyst.

CD-DEIB® Deisobutanizer Process

CD-DEIB® is a separation technology which combines fractionation and hydroisomerization within one unit operation for the effective and complete separation of isobutene from 1-butenes and 2-butenes. The technology produces both an isobutylene concentrate with low n-butenes content and an n-butenes concentrate with low isobutene. 

CDIB® High Purity Isobutylene

Lummus Technology offers the MTBE decomposition technology CDIB® for the production of high purity isobutylene. Two routes are available: (1) via an integrated unit using CDMtbe® and CDIB technologies; and (2) via a standalone CDIB technology.


Both the CDMtbe® and CDEtbe® technologies are highly-flexible in processing various hydrocarbon feedstocks from the FCC/RFCC and/or steam cracker and dehydrogenation units to meet refinery or petrochemical requirements.

Modular PSA Gas Recovery

Building on a track record of over 100 Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) units since 1969, Lummus Technology is your full-range supplier of adsorption-based gas separation plants for hydrogen, helium and other high-value gases. 
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