Complementary Technologies (Aromatics Production)

The following licensed technologies can bring added value by supplementing or upgrading by-products from the primary aromatics production processes:


Pyrolysis/Steam Cracking

Lummus Technology’s proprietary ethylene steam cracking process is the most widely-applied process for the production of polymer grade ethylene, polymer grade propylene and butadiene. The process is noted for its performance, including high product yield and energy-efficiency, low investment cost and operating reliability.

E-Gas Plus® Technology for Coal, Petcoke & Resid Conversion

Lummus Technology's E-Gas Plus® technology is designed to produce valuable syngas and steam from petroleum coke or coal and residues coming from refinery processes.

Modular PSA Recovery

Building on a track record of over 100 Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) units since 1969, Lummus Technology is your full-range supplier of adsorption-based gas separation plants for hydrogen, helium and other high-value gases.
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