Delivering a combination of unrivaled experience and industry-leading expertise, CB&I has been developing innovative technologies for more than a century. With the acquisition of Lummus Technology in 2007, CB&I has continued to grow our portfolio to more than 100 licensed proprietary technologies, supported by more than 3,500 patents and patent applications. 

Why Crude Oil to Chemicals?

In many parts of the world today, the demand for chemicals is growing at a much higher rate than the demand for transportation fuels. With advances in catalytic technology, modern complex refineries can be configured to convert crude oil directly to chemical feedstocks instead of transportation fuels.

A crude-to-chemicals plant would use the latest refining technology that mixes innovative configurations with proven catalytic conversion processes to create an integrated petrochemical complex.

The CB&I Solution

We offer one of the industry’s most extensive technology portfolios to the hydrocarbon processing sector and have commercialized, on average, a new technology every year for the last decade. 

CB&I can provide reliable technology solutions that enable not only crude oil to chemicals conversion, but also a full range of refining, gas processing, petrochemicals and gasification applications.

In addition, with our integrated project delivery model, we can combine our technology portfolio with our other products and services to support customers through the entire plant life cycle.


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