Quality, Health, Safety, Environment & Security

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Our goal is to create a unique culture with a common mindset to recognize opportunities and drive consistent, predictable performance through leading behaviors and most importantly, attitudes which we hope will become second nature.

Our business depends on our reputation and the quality of our work. In today’s competitive environment, quality is highly scrutinized and our customers demand the highest level of performance and products to ensure safe and reliable operations offshore. We are committed to creating an environment of consistent performance that meets or exceeds these expectations – from the proposal stage through to project execution and completion.


Workforce health is a key business area that is often overlooked. At McDermott, the benefits of worker health are well recognized. A number of programs are in place to protect the health and wellbeing of our employees, ranging from mandatory requirements, such as pre-employment medicals, to company or legislatively required worker health surveillance programs for those engaged in specific occupations, including diving, equipment operations, painting and offshore operations.


Never has the need for safety in the workplace been greater than it is in our industry today. Hazards are inherent in the processes, heavy equipment and locations where we work. We are committed to understanding these hazards and controlling their associated risk. We are committed to fostering a culture where open communication about safety by all personnel is considered normal, and accountability for safety performance is applied appropriately.


It is in all of our best interests to look after the one planet we share. McDermott is unwavering in its regard to responsible environmental practices. Maintaining, and exceeding, responsible and safe environmental practices is a cornerstone of our management systems and culture. McDermott actively embraces environmental protection to ensure we meet client and project expectations.


In an evolving and sometimes uncertain business environment, security management plays an important yet often unseen role. Businesses require modern day solutions to the meet the multifaceted challenges encountered by a mobile, global organization. At McDermott, we monitor various forms of potential threats and the potential risks to our people and assets.

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