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Lay Vessel North Ocean 105


    Fast-transit, dynamically positioned vessel with an advanced reel-lay system capable of rigid and flexible pipelay in up to 10,000 feet of water

    • Modern reel pipelay vessel designed for global operations
    • Pipelay capability (rigid or flex-lay) from 2 to 16 inches OD with maximum coating/flexible of 24 inches OD
    • 2,750 ST [2,500 MT] reel payload (subject to deck loading conditions)
    • Pipelay tower with 440 ST [400 MT] tensioner and tilting angles from 28 to 90 deg
    • 500 ST [450 MT] & 165 ST [150 MT] A&R system, capable of pipe abandonment or subsea lowering to 10,000 feet [3,000 m] water depth
    • Two portside AHC main cranes, 110 ST [100 MT] and 440 ST [400 MT], for subsea lifts and construction supports

    Data Sheet:   Download (PDF)

    LVNO105 Introduction

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