1990–2000: Leading Technology

Engineered, constructed and installed the deepest tripod platform for Arco’s Bima & Ardjuha fields offshore Indonesia in 525 feet of water.

Performed the heaviest dual lift, the 3,400-ton topsides for the Maxus Intan Widuri P field offshore Indonesia.

Jebel Ali facility earned the first ISO 9002 accreditation in the Middle East.

Engineered, constructed and installed the world’s largest sulfur extraction facility, Main Pass 299, for Freeport MacMoRan Resource Partners in 214 feet of water in the Gulf of Mexico. Equivalent to nearly 7 acres, the facility comprises six main platforms, nine bridge supports, 13 bridges totaling 5,800 feet, and three separate oil and gas platforms.

Constructed the largest jacket (19,000 tons) built in Southeast Asia at the time for the Woodside-operated North West Shelf Goodwyn A platform offshore Western Australia.

Installed 26 topside modules using special equipment and procedures for ExxonMobil sister platforms Heritage and Harmony, in an environmentally sensitive area, from Aransas Pass, Texas, to southern California.

Constructed and installed topsides for Shell’s Auger Tension Leg Platform (TLP), in the Gulf of Mexico, achieving several records:
• Largest single-piece structure (26,000 tons) in the Gulf of Mexico
• Deepest offshore field, in 2,860 feet of water
• First mini TLP installation using segmented tendons
• First use of J-Lay pipeline technology
• Received Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement award from the American Society of Civil Engineers as the “World’s Tallest Man-made Structure”

Upgraded the Middle East fabrication yard from ISO 9002 to ISO 9001.

Completed a pipeline for Pennzoil’s Azerbaijan Gas Utilization project, the first offshore pipeline installed in Caspian.

McDermott contributed all of its marine construction services business to its newly incorporated subsidiary J. Ray McDermott, S.A.

J. Ray McDermott acquired Offshore Pipelines, Inc., an offshore marine and construction company.

Procured and constructed the largest offshore structure in West Africa, using the “bent” assembly for the 6,834-ton jacket and “pancake” framing/assembly for the decks of Elf’s N’Kossa field development in the Gulf of Guinea.

The Batam Island, Indonesia, fabrication yard constructed the 99-module and 19,290-ton Singapore Aromatics/Foster Wheeler aromatic plant, the region’s first such facility.

Designed, constructed and patented a laser tracking system for the Pulse Gas Metal Arc Welding process, named J. Ray Automatic Welding System, installing a record 310 single joints of 24-inch pipeline in one day for Shell’s Mars project in the Gulf of Mexico.

EPCI of topsides for the world’s first production Spar platform at Oryx’s Neptune field at 1,330 feet in the Gulf of Mexico.

Constructed modules for the world’s largest and deepest Tension Leg Platform (TLP), the Shell Ursa project in 4,000 feet of water in the Gulf of Mexico.

EPCI of a subsea tie-back including the first High Integrity Pipeline Protection System (HIPPS) for Shell Expro’s Kingfisher project in 360 feet of water in the North Sea.

Designed and installed the first commercial subsea development in a hostile area of the North Sea for BP‘s Foinaven project west of Shetland Islands, in 1,640 feet of water.

Installed the first drilling and production Spar for Chevron Texaco’s Genesis project at 2,600 depth in the Gulf of Mexico.

EPCI of pipelines and subsea hardware for a TLP floating facility (and installation of the TLP) for British Borneo’s Morpeth field in 1,700 feet of water in the Gulf of Mexico marked several milestones:
• Deepest installation
• Deepest insulated flexible catenary riser
• First Mini-TLP using pre-installed tendons
• First coiled tubing access of subsea production system from surface TLP
• Deepest water injection riser
• First inline diverless pipeline tie-in sleds in the Gulf of Mexico

Engineered, constructed and installed the world’s first non-guyed Compliant Tower in 1,800 feet of water for Chevron Texaco’s Gulf of Mexico Petronius project.

Engineered, constructed and installed the world’s deepest tripod jacket (670 feet of water) and the Gulf of Mexico’s heaviest dual lift (6,000 tons) for Shell’s Cinnamon project.

Installed the first offshore piling in the North Caspian Sea for the Boskalis Westminster project.

Completed the largest hook-up in Asia Pacific for Total’s Bongkot Phase IIIA expansion, taking 13 months and two hookup barge spreads.

Installed first full-scale offshore carbon dioxide removal system utilizing membrane technology in the Gulf of Thailand for Unocal’s Pailin Phase 1 project.

Installed the Middle East’s largest deck (6,310 tons) by float-over method in the North Field offshore Qatar.

Executed a first-of-its-kind construction of 22 trusses and 39 trestle beams in the Jebel Ali yard for the Reliance Jamnagar Approach Trestles project.

Engineered a subsea system with the first use of SCRAMS technology in 3,300 feet of water in the Gulf of Mexico.

EPCI of four subsea pipelines and manifolds for Shell’s Conger field development, including the first 15,000 psi pipeline in 1,500 feet of water in the Gulf of Mexico and first use of “snaking,” which eliminated the use of piles.

EPCI of a gas treatment platform and deepest gas transmission pipeline (354 feet of water) from Mobil’s NSO platform offshore Indonesia to an onshore LNG facility.

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