1970–1980: Setting the Pace

Established a fabrication facility and offshore support base on Batam Island, Indonesia.

Moved the Middle East fabrication yard and Marine base from Saudi Arabia to a 100-acre area on Dubai Creek in the United Arab Emirates.

Completed the spin-off of oil subsidiary Trans Ocean Oil, Inc.

Outfitted a derrick barge in the fleet with a saturation diving system capable of operating in 800 feet of water. Installed the first Middle East subsea completion wellhead and production facility complex, including laying 70 miles of 18-inch pipe for Iranian Marine International Oil Company in the Rostam field of the Arabian Gulf.

McDermott Offshore division moved from Harvey, Louisiana, to Morgan City, Louisiana.
Completed divestiture of The Offshore Company.

Acquired Ingram Corporation’s foreign marine construction equipment business, expanding McDermott’s operations into Australia, Trinidad and Brazil.

Completed the first dual lift in the Middle East, the 900-ton Shell Oil of Qatar J3 production deck, using vessels from the McDermott fleet.

Installed three Khazzan oil storage tanks for Dubai Petroleum Company in the Arabian Gulf.

Engineered, procured, constructed, installed and commissioned Ju’Aymah Terminal (Saudi Arabia), the world’s largest oil export terminal − comprising 46 miles of large pipelines, 12 pile jackets and three Single Buoy Mooring Systems.

Constructed and installed the first skid-mounted refinery in the Arabian Gulf for Qatar’s Umm Said Refinery comprising 22 storage tanks, an LPG bottling plant and 13 skidded units constructed at the Jebel Ali fabrication yard.

Constructed and installed the first subsea production system for Exxon in the Gulf of Mexico.

Constructed and installed India’s first offshore platforms, related pipelines and Single Buoy Mooring in the Bombay High field.

Constructed and installed a record-setting 850-foot tall jacket for Exxon’s Hondo field development offshore Santa Barbara, California.

Fabricated and installed the 46,000-ton platform for Shell’s Cognac field development in the Gulf of Mexico, with several distinctions:
• First structure installed in more than 1,000 feet of water
• First deepwater structure built in three pieces and remains the only three-piece structure today
• First use of underwater pile driver
• Achievement award from American Society of Civil Engineers
Acquired The Babcock & Wilcox Company, a leader in the design and manufacture of power generation and associated equipment.

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