1960–1970: Expanding the reach

Designed, constructed and installed the Middle East’s first offshore platform: Arabian Oil Company’s Flow Station and Complex.


Established the company’s second fabrication yard and first outside the United States in Ras-Al-Khafji, Saudi Arabia, of the Saudi-Kuwaiti Neutral Zone.

Performed jacket installation using the “stacking” method for the first time, a precursor to later multi-piece jackets.

Constructed and installed Qatar’s first offshore production complex.

Constructed a subdivision of residential homes in Morgan City, Louisiana, helping curb a housing shortage.


Installed the longest offshore pipeline –104 miles across the Gulf of Mexico.

Installed a large array of metallic and non-metallic samples for a US Navy corrosion study in 6,000 feet of water in the Tongue-of-the-Ocean area offshore Andros Island, Bahamas.

Installed the first offshore production platform in Cook Inlet, Alaska.


Led the first pipeline expansion in the Middle East, with installation offshore Iran.


Established a main office in New Orleans.

Eight direct subsidiaries operated under five divisions: Contracting, Oil, McDermott Fabricators, Harvey Lumber & Supply Company, and McDermott Shipyard.


Constructed and installed Shell’s PS1 Petroleum Production Complex offshore Qatar in a record-setting 285 feet of water.

Introduced the first 500-ton derrick barges.

Raised a chlorine barge that was sunk in the Gulf of Mexico by Hurricane Betsy and delivered it to a safe place for unloading.

Acquired Dick Evans, Inc., a diving company.


Introduced a new launch method for offshore jacket installation due to a trend of jackets becoming too heavy for crane lift. Instead, the jacket was fabricated and transported on its side and launched by slipping it off the barge, ballasting it until it turned upright and then guiding it into place.

Constructed and installed Egypt’s first offshore platforms and largest-diameter (18 inches) pipe to date in 240 feet of water for the Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company’s El Morgan field.

Established world records for the longest pipelay by crossing the Mississippi River twice (5,200 feet), and the largest pipeline − 40-inch diameter with a 5/8-inch thick concrete coating, weighing 25 tons per joint.

Installed the first pipe-in-pipe system for Freeport Sulphur Caminada Mine in the Gulf of Mexico.

Installed an offshore riser that used the J-Tube method and a pipe tensioning device for the first time.

Constructed the Qatar Petroleum Production Complex and Tank Farm with full infrastructure, permanent camp, harbor and loading facilities at the deserted Halul Island, approximately 65 miles offshore Doha.


Installed the deepest and longest underwater pipeline in the Arabian Gulf – 90 miles long in 306 feet of water – for Lavan Petroleum Company.

Constructed and installed the first four-pile jacket in 306 feet of water for the Arabian Gulf’s Ras Al Khaimah project, setting a record not broken until 1983.

The oil and natural gas exploration and production operations handled by McDermott Oil Division were transferred to a newly formed subsidiary, Trans Ocean Oil, Inc., with distribution of 5% of Trans Ocean Common Stock to McDermott stockholders.


Acquired Hudson Engineering, which had a background in petrochemical process engineering and offshore engineering facilities.

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