Conceptual Engineering

Early planning delivers significant benefit-to-cost results. In collaboration with io oil and gas consulting, we employ a systematic engineering and decision quality process to optimize economic value during the life of a field by studying all project stakeholder perspectives, reviewing economic return and focusing on functional requirements rather than a preconceived configuration. This holistic approach requires a team with a broad perspective of all potential issues expected during the field’s life, starting from the reservoir and continuing to the point of sale.

Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

It is imperative to design it right, from the beginning. Our in-house, multi-disciplined engineers have more than 60 years of knowledge and experience worldwide. As a result, our facility layouts and solutions provide certainty of delivery and a high level of reliability. Our cost estimates are based on market data from our construction and installation experience as well as from procurement and vendor network. Our designs reflect proven construction and installation practices to ensure reliable, efficient, quality project delivery, lower costs, and faster FEEDs.

Detail Design

First class design deliverables and documentation for construction. Drawing on decades of experience, knowledge management, constructability and best practices, we meet the industry’s demand for competitive pricing, high quality facilities, increasingly complex products and aggressive delivery schedules. At the cornerstone of this practice is the effective coordination of design partners and multi-disciplined design teams.

Installation Engineering

Precisely engineered, safe offshore operations ensure success. We are experts at carrying out the modeling and analysis required for any type of installation methodology, for any structure, anywhere in the world. We work closely with engineers across our marine and fabrication groups globally, as well as other specialist contractors, to enable fully engineered installation solutions that are cost efficient, optimized and above all, safe to ensure smooth operations offshore.


Meticulous planning and engineering deliver quick and reliable operations. As a turnkey EPCI company, we deliver end-to-end solutions for our customers. We integrate our completions team with engineering to provide clear system / sub-system definitions for preparation of operational test procedures for dynamic system commissioning. Using our established systematic processes and our extensive experience, we execute projects by ensuring mechanical completions and commissioning are conducted efficiently and on-time.

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