Business Practices & Ethics

Suppliers play a critical role in McDermott’s core business endeavors and contribute to our goal of providing high quality, efficient and competitive solutions. At the same time, we expect our suppliers to be law abiding and to comply with legal requirements relevant to the conduct of all of their businesses.

McDermott maintains a business culture that is of the highest integrity and these principles prohibit employees from offering or accepting bribes or kickbacks; or accepting or soliciting gifts, entertainment or favors in return for preferred or favorable treatment. Suppliers are expected to disclose any violations of these principles immediately by either contacting the Compliance Director and/or Corporate Compliance Officer (, or by calling McDermott’s Ethics Helpline, 1-800/456-6236.

We expect our employees and suppliers to exercise professional, cooperative and objective behavior in needed business relationships, and avoid partiality, or even the appearance of partiality, in all business dealings.

Generally, suppliers to McDermott have their own business standards. While McDermott cannot control the behavior of our Suppliers, we will not tolerate their illegal actions. Suppliers must be evaluated and approved before any materials, components, products, or services are purchased from them.

McDermott expects all its employees and suppliers to comply with our Standards of Business Conduct and ethical expectations, regardless of local business practices or social customs. Violations of any of our company policies or applicable regulations can result in termination of McDermott employees and for suppliers termination of any current contracts and possible disbarment from future contracts with McDermott and any of its subsidiaries.

We urge you to review McDermott’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and Compliance Program for Vendors before starting the registration process.

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